Van to campervan conversion kits

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Van to campervan conversion kits

A DIY van conversion can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. There is no right way to convert a van to a camper. It does not take an expert or a skilled carpenter to build a van. Complete with parts recommendations and wiring diagrams. Some people end up living in a van out of financial necessity, others build out expensive adventure campers for transcontinental tours. Living in a van is not a normal lifestyle.

There are a million different ways to live in a van. To bypass some common mistakes we recommend asking yourself a few questions first. The freedom to travel, navigating the unmarked roads, and spending more time in nature is the reason we chose to live in a camper. Van life allows you to wake up alone next to hiking trails that get crowded by tourists just a few hours later.

You can eat dinner with a view and enjoy the sunset days a year. There are alternatives to van life. Living in an RV can give you a similar sense of freedom without limiting your electricity use as much. Many RV campers also come with full bathrooms including showers and toilets. Renting an Airbnb for one month at a time, or establishing a home base and making shorter camping trips is another way to visit new places without the sacrifices of living in 60 square feet. Ultimately, choosing to live in a van can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

These are the reasons we chose to live the van life:. We wrote an article to help you do this. It will cover some basic questions to ask yourself like budget constraints, mechanical abilities, and where you plan to travel. We also go over the pros and cons of the following vehicles:.

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying a high top van. Things like the ability to drive through parking structures, travel with large roof toys like a kayak, and the higher price tag are just a few examples.

Shorter vans may be less comfortable, but they make it much easier to go stealth camping in the city.Looking to get out there—you know, really out there—but tents are a no-go and you don't want to drag a trailer to sleep in or drive something the size of a house?

Then you're looking for a camper van. These handy homes away from home are based on normal-sized trucks and vans, meaning they should fit in normal driveways and parking spaces and be fairly easy to drive. We've gathered up 10 worth considering, although fair warning: Even while the majority sit at the affordable end of the camper-van and conversion-van spectrum, they're all significantly pricier than a regular ol' van with an air mattress thrown in the back.

Looking for the bougiest luxury conversion van? Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter a rather fine-driving commercial tool, if we may say sothe Nineteen includes a fold-out bed that spans the entire rear area of the camper van, as well as a bathroom, a kitchen, and even swiveling front seats that can turn to face the van's interior.

The name Nineteen is a nod to this van's foot length, but spelling it out—instead of calling it the Interstate 19—adds a proper Airstream-y sense of class, don't you think? Boho Camper Vans is chill. Like, super chill.

van to campervan conversion kits

So chill, in fact, that it doesn't even specify "models" or "trim levels" for its creations. In fact, its creations seem entirely custom—you simply bring them money and a van, or let them pick a van for you, and the outfit will turn that van into a wood-lined cabin on wheels.

Caravan Outfitter's Free Bird conversion vans are based on Nissan's humble NV cargo van, making them the smallest and most affordable on this list. If you want a cheap conversion van, a small conversion van, or have a tiny parking spot, the Free Bird is likely your best option.

The apparatus fairly fills the NV's cargo hold, and can be folded up to reveal booth-like seating with a central table, and also has slide-out drawers housing a quart fridge and a single-burner gas stove. The Solis falls near the upper end of this roundup's price spectrum, and it hails from one of the RV industry's mainstays, Winnebago. All-new forthe Solis is based on the Ram ProMaster cargo van and thus is manageably sized. Nobody wants a chilly throne, right? The rest of the Solis camper van is well-equipped, with a pop-up roof for standing space, a reconfigurable bed, swiveling front seats that can flip to face the living area, and full insulation on the walls and plumbing so that the vehicle can be parked and used in wildly varied climates.

Like Boho vans, Outside Van generates custom van builds for customers. There is no set template, nor does the outfitter require a single make of donor van, although the company's website seems to show a preference for Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

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All of these large camper vans have one thing in common, however: They're all rugged-looking and built for living vanlife off the beaten path. Those not interested in delving into Outside Van's involved custom ordering process can choose from among the already-built inventory the company has on hand at any given time. This might be the one we'd choose to for a conversion van to live in.Van Specialties, sincehas been converting vans for all kinds of purposes such as camping, wind surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, commercial outfitting, ATV hauling, from the basic to over the top.

Our team helps you decide what you are looking for in your next custom van projects then custom designs your van to meet your needs. Our professionals then build your van from the ground up using the finest parts and accessories to our strict design standards. Your custom van is then ready for you to enjoy. Customizing early vans is where we got started and we are glad to continue that tradition.

Check out our early van gallery to get some ideas or feel free to give us a call if you are interested in turning your older van into something amazing! We build your sprinter van from the ground up using the finest parts and materials. Whether you need to customize your dream van for camping trips, wind surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, ATV hauling, commercial outfitting or just about any other activity or purpose Van Specialties has got you covered.

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Feel free to give us a call with any questions or to get a quote. Check out some of our completed sprinter vans in our sprinter vans gallery below.

While sprinters are our specialty, we are also professionals at customizing Ford Vans. We can customize most Ford vans to whatever your unique needs are. From exterior lighting on custom bumpers to complete interior makeovers we can create the van of your dreams. Feel free to give us a call with any questions and check out some of our completed projects in our Ford Gallery below. We can also customize most Chevy vans to whatever your unique needs are.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions and check out some of our completed projects in our Chevy Gallery below. We can also customize Ram Promaster vans to whatever your unique needs are. Feel free to give us a call with any questions and check out some of our completed projects in our Ram Promaster Gallery below.

We can also customize most Nissan vans to whatever your unique needs are. Feel free to give us a call with any questions and check out some of our completed projects in our Nissan Gallery below. Our professionals are not limited to working on vans, we can customized just about anything from adding custom bumpers to creating completly customized commercial setups. Feel free to give us a call with any questions but some of our custom projects include:. We specialize in creating amazing custom interiors that fit your unique personal needs, which can include:.

Exterior features are a necescity when you are in the outdoors and having the right setup can make all the difference. We can customize you van with any features you want, including some of the following:. Sometimes you need something a little extra to keep you comfortable, that is why Van Specialties specializes in all types of mechanical upgrades for your van.

We can do just about anything but frequently install the following:. If you are ready to get started or simply have some questions feel free to click below or give us a call at Please leave this field empty. Name required. Phone required. Email required.Students, weekend warriors, vandwellers and even the wealthy are converting their campervans into incredible off grid living homes on wheels.

Some van lifers want a stealth campersome a VW camperand some even want a pop up truck camper to take anywhere they please.

Just by looking at it from the outside you can tell that this is a serious camper. We absolutely dig it. So what does it feature? Being on of the more expensive campervan conversions in this list it… has a lot. Just outside of the shower room, you have the storage and kitchen area which has been assembled with precision and beauty.

The normal edition does in fact come with a 4. This one is named the Power Station and is ultimately aimed at travellers who work on the go, have plenty of mullah in the bank, want to go where not a lot of vehicle can go and have space for their mountain bikes.

DIY Camper Van Conversion Kits: Our Wish List

Yes, we know, another conversion with a bike garage. Well, the problem with leaving your bikes on top of your campervan conversions or even on the back, is that, well they got stolen.

We bloody love storage! Meet the blacked out VW T25 Syncro with a roof top tent and a bike ramp that goes over the van itself to create an insane course for down hill bikers who are constantly on the move. He purchased this fella in early and since then has been travelling around the states with one thing in mind… adventure.

Rob, is without doubt a member of the Camp Clan! The VW T2 is without doubt one of the most iconic campervans of all time, and with that comes enthusiasts who love to make the finest campervan conversions around. One of these finest campers comes from our good friends Danbury Campervansa company based in the UK who creat custom campervan conversions for a wide range of Transporters.

It even kept to its colour scheme, and it also comes with some upgraded, modernised goodies like the fridge, some LED lights and a gas stove for cooking those delicious meals on. We love the retro theme, and Danbury Motrohomes have done a cracking job keeping this VW T2 to as close to its original as possible.

Oh and it has a hidden microwave! An astonishing conversion that brings out the nostalgic vibes every time we set eyes on it. Zach has taken a 10 year old Chevy cargo van and has converted it himself using nothing but his hands.

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The bed can be flipped up into a chair, allowing for an even more relaxing environment to work in. The desk has a pull out block chair which can be tucked underneath to keep everything clean and tidy.

Plus, the desk can be flipped up and transformed into a cooking area which has a turn burner stove hiding underneath.

A neat touch, and we love how everything is hidden and keeping it minimalist vibe. All you need is a bit of pre-planning, determinations and a couple pals to help you out. It also features a 50L fridge freezer, 2 burner gas hobs, a grill, a wine rack and tonnes of electricity sockets, including USB ports. This Moving House is based in the UK and creates bespoke family friendly campervan conversions with their signature sleeping pops for kids at the centre of all of their designs.

These sleeping pods are so unique and are a beautiful and eye-catching solution to sleeping the whole family. The pods are stylishly curved and finished with seamless sem-circle entranceways and cute curtains. Inside they each have their own reading light as well as a small storage area for any toys they might want to bring with them.

van to campervan conversion kits

The cool pods mean that kids can go to bed long before the adults are ready to and that adults can stay up with the lights on without disturbing the children. Despite the capacity to sleep four, and the three extra seats in the back to be able to safely transport everyone the Jubel Explorer still has plenty of storage.We have a in-house van rep who can hook you up with one of our vans through our dealership partner.

Contact us and skip the dealership hassle. All the vans we have available are new. Ask how you can include the cost of the kit in with the loan of your new van. View More. All you need is a screwdriver, a wrench, and an afternoon. YEARS to current.

12 Best Campervan Conversions To Inspire Your Next Adventure

Vehicle and product details. This kit is NOT compatible with the passenger version, aka Wagon, of the Promaster City nor can it be modified to fit other van models.

Camper kit can be financed with your van. Email us, and we can either provide an invoice you can take to your local dealership, or purchase a van and conversion kit through our dealership partner. Kit completion times may vary, email us for current production timelines.

The 4-hour van build (seriously) - 2019 RAM Promaster camper kit by Wayfarer Vans

If you'd like custom cushions, mail us six yards of your choice of fabric and we'll custom make them for you for free! RAM Promaster " wheel base, high roof Top. Years to current. Van model must be Promaster or" wheelbase, high-roof top. This kit is not compatible with low-roof vans or other wheelbase lengths. Due to the overall weight and dimensions of this conversion kit, it cannot be affordably shipped for self installation.

Installation of this conversion is free and required at our shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Van model must be a Ram Promaster " wheelbase, high-roof top, standard cargo - years to current. If you'd like custom cushions, mail us eight yards of your choice of fabric and we'll custom make them for you for free! Need a van? Teton Gravity Research. She Dreams of Alpine. Adventure Journal.

van to campervan conversion kits

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I Accept.At this time, our production facility will continue operations as normal while taking proper precautions recommended by the CDC.

Each van you see here is a result of superior workmanship: custom-built by hand, with every detail unique to the individual customer. The ultimate customer service experience.

Our premium build process provides endless customization options, allowing you to create the vehicle of your dreams. Prebuilt, one-off vans designed by our experienced team. Our Ascend Series is a constantly evolving collection of vans with proven features and layouts. I can go anywhere at the drop of a hat.

Setting up and taking down camp takes minutes, not hours.

Campervan interiors kits: Custom build your own van

The fact that my kids love it is a game-changer. Apr Apr 9. Apr 7. Apr 6. Apr 3. Apr 2. Vans for sale see builds.

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Inside Van Life Read Now. Discover the possibilities Each van you see here is a result of superior workmanship: custom-built by hand, with every detail unique to the individual customer.

Explore our gallery. Find your van. Let's do this The choices are endless. Know what you want? Ready to buy?As vanlife gains momentum, manufacturers are producing more vans suitable for camper conversions. Some companies will convert your van for youoffering predesigned and custom options.

Check out this guide for help in choosing the right camper van for you. For our conversion, we chose a Ford Transit with a 3. The vehicle features a inch wheelbase, Be sure to consider these basic components:. What form do you want these components to take? Do you plan to hook up a sink or shower? Do you want a raised bed platform or something that will convert into daytime seating? Will you require desk space? Be sure to account for the location and height of the wheel wells, windows and the uneven ribs that run the length of the floors, walls and ceiling.

Decide where you want to situate big items. Unless you know exact dimensions, use common measurements, such as for a mattress. The layout should include your bed system, kitchen area, fan, refrigerator, water system and electrical components.

While a paper sketch will do, online 3D modeling tools can help you to visualize the finished project. SketchUp is a free, comprehensive online 3D modeling tool popular with vanlifers. Strip your van down to its factory sheet metal before starting the conversion. Large panels of sheet metal inevitably create acoustic amplification and vibrations.

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The best way to do this is to apply peel-and-stick materials with high viscoelasticity designed specifically for this purpose. Noico and Kilmat are popular brands of this type of material. Wipe your van down with rubbing alcohol before application. Here are some tips for applying sound-deadening material:.

A ventilation fan helps control interior temperature and relative humidity and increases indoor air quality. Most vanlifers agree that the MaxxFan Deluxe is the best choice. Place the roof vent adapter where you want to install the fan aim for the flat center of a sheet metal panel. Drill holes at all four corners to allow space for the jigsaw. Cut out all four sides. Smooth the sharp edges with sandpaper. Drill holes into the fan flange.

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Wipe down all cut and drilled surfaces with rubbing alcohol.


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