Hcg 5000 iu 2ml water

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Hcg 5000 iu 2ml water

Forum Rules. No, not at all. I'm familiar with Index and load. There's some interesing charts that break it all down for those interested. Absolutely not. Talking about the sugar people use in addition to whatever they're consuming. I got a new doctor. They say 0. I asked the lab and they confirmed it is normal. Remember Me? Register What's New?

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Results 1 to 11 of Join Date Nov Posts Join Date Feb Posts Originally Posted by frostfire. I have a vial of IU of HCG and a mixing vial, if i dissolve the HCG with 2 ml of bac water, than after adding it to the sterile vial and add 8 more ml of bac water for a total of 10ml, will that be good? I followed a few videos on youtube and did it with 10 ml, wouldn't that be UI for. Buster Brown. Mix ius of hcg with 2 ccs of bac water Each 10 mark on a slin pin is ius.

I prefer to inject less and have the concentration higher. Originally Posted by Buster Brown. I'll do that next time, so in my case with 10ml that would be 50 units. Thanks for help. Or that Been thinking about doing that for a bit. Does waste less bac.HCG injections can be easily self-administered subcutaneously under the skin. There are a lot of brands selling this product. Usually, kcal is not sufficient to suppress the feelings of hunger and would be difficult to maintain.

Simeons will help to control hunger and feel satisfied with the kcal, as your body will utilize the existing fat reserves in your body as supply. The HCG injections help to burn the extra fat and pass it through the kidneys and thus help in administrating the HCG. A small amount of IU should be injected daily to trigger HCG weight loss accompanied by a low-calorie diet.

Mix the product with bacteriostatic water to be injected. Through Express Mail it takes business days.

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Handles free shipping worldwide. These mixing kits are usually supplied whenever the HCG iu injections are purchased. Yes, it is a known fact that many people go through certain side effects but it is temporary and lasts only for a week.

This is mainly because you are probably for the first time putting your body on a low-calorie diet. It will take time for your body to get adjusted to the new routine diet that can cause certain effects such as dizziness, constipation, drowsiness, nausea, insomnia etc.

However, it is recommended that if you are pregnant, nursing or dealing with any ailment and having necessary medication, you should consult your medical practitioner before going ahead with this diet. This kit will contain only the HCG injection vials. Looking for HCG iu injections for sale? Then this article is the best for you. Doctor recommended injections of HCG iu can really help you lose weight without any crash diets or vigorous exercise. Read more to know how iHCG injections work for you.

HCG 5000IU

One of the easiest answers to weight loss is HCG injections by Dr. Simeons that helps in faster weight loss without making you go through unwanted crash diets or heavy workouts that will put pressure on your body and still give you only little results.Excerpt: Time to mix my HCG. Planning to use 1,IU shots 2xweek for 5 weeks. I'm going to take the water with a normal 23g syringe and mix it gently with the HCG powder. Then Preload it into my insulin syringes. I'm having hard time calculating how much of IU to load on the insulin syringes so it be equal exactly 1,IU.

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Remember Me? Register Gallery Today's Posts Search. Welcome to the EliteFitness. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Time to mix my HCG. Btw i'm going to inject it in my stomach skin layer after grabbing it with my hands. Its my first time using HCG. Hey I just mixed mine not to long ago. I ordered extra water though.

hcg 5000 iu 2ml water

Quote posted by ytown Make sure and read your mixing instructions, iu is the amount if med, units are the volume of solution.Discussion in ' Steroid Forum ' started by slickMar 26, Mar 26, 1.

If you only have the hcg and not the solution to mix it with, what exactly do you need to mix it with?

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Is it bacteriostatic water or what? Also what is the ratio of HCG to solution when mixing? Mar 26, 2. Mar 26, 3.

Bare with me and let me see if i've got this right in my own words. I mix 5, IU's with 2ml of water. Now I have 2ml's of solution ready to inject that contains a total of 5, IU's of hcg. So if I want to do a mg. Is this correct? IN my own words and understanding? Also, what if I only have 22 gauge 3 cc syringes for my original gear, can I use that for the HCG and can I mix the HCG right into the same shot as my test shot and do it all in one shot to the glute?

Mar 26, 4. Mar 26, 5. Ok, I think I got you. My mistake comes from my hcg still being on the way so I haven't actually seen what I have to work with. From the picture I saw it looked like there were vials of liquid which I assumed were the pure HCG that looked like about 2 or 3 ml's in volume.

So anyway, the HCG adds so little to the volume of the mixture it is negligable. I will use your system. I will be shooting IU's into my cycle and postcycle per shot. That way I can just pull it that way no trouble. I guess if I have an insulin point it wouldn't be a problem though. Thanks for the input bro, its helped alot. Mar 27, 6. Youll get 2 amps. One with 1 or 2 ml of Bac water, and the other with the hcg powder. The amount of actual HCG powder is very small.

Listen to Maxrep, he knows his shit. You must log in or sign up to reply here.Please note: These instructions are for how to mix hCG injections from iu vials from U. S sources like those listed on my blog, for use with the following standard sized syringes that are typically sent with hCG:. Note A: If you get just hCG, the powder will be white.

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If you get the hCG with B12, the powder will be pink. Vial of Mixing liquid — there are couple different types of mixing liquid you might get:. Please see my very detailed post to help you find the right dose of hCG here.

Skip a dose entirely one day- if you find yourself more hungry overall, you most likely need to increase your dose. If you find yourself less hungry overall, you most likely need a smaller dose.

I have since created several video tutorials showing you how to do an injection! Most find it easier to just buy the hCG and mixing supplies all as one kit from the online U. I think I Messed up. I pulled 10ml of bacteria static water and mixed it in 6 ml hcg. What do I do? Can I still use it? If so what a amount do I draw up. Nice to meet you! Is it always a mix? I have a 12, unit vial of HCG from my doctor.

It stumped me because it was half of what it should be. Does it make a difference? I usually mix a ratio and use a 25u dose. This time I mixed a and when I tried my usual dose I have been very hungry. What should my dosage be? Thank you. I hope that helps! I have a vial of HCG that is 11,u.

How I Mix hCG Injections - 5000iu hCG Vial

My Bac Water is 30mLs. How much do I mix it with and how do I figure my dose? I have 50 unit syringes 0. Hi Tina! Hi Missy- you will need to buy some mixing solution separately — the 1ml that came with it is for using that ampoule as 1 single shot — it will not work for the hCG diet- you can go to missourimedicalsupplies.

Hi hcg Chica, I received my hcg iu dry vial. When mixing it last night I accidentally nixed with 6, BW rather than I just want to make sure about my calculated daily dosage. Ive already done 13 days of drops.I guarantee if you take the time to continue to research and read up on the diet, things will start to click. And if you are still in the research phase for purchasing hCG, you can compare my current recommendations for RX pharmaceutical hCG that can indeed be purchased online and comes in powder form, as it MUST if you are using the real hormone here:.

Check out buying hCG options. The most common syringe sizes I see come with the hormone diet kits are 30 unit syringes. Whatever size syringe you get, you can use this video to figure out how to draw up the proper dose of the hormone. When you pull your hCG mixture out into the syringe, the easiest way I feel to do it is to hold your bottle of hCG upside down to draw the mixture out. What this means is that you cannot use the general instructions that you find on the web for dosing including my website or you end up taking a much higher dosage of hCG than you thought, and your vial would run out much faster than usual.

Now again, this math is based on the knowledge that the hCG was mixed in a ratio of ius to 5mls bac water to begin with okay? Hi Candace! This detailed post can help you with adjusting your dose: hcgchica. Hi I have a vial of hcg iu to reconstitute. How much Bacteriostatic water do I need? A few years ago I did the iu vials for 23 days, is the iu for the longer course of the protocol? Do I need a mixing vial? Nice to meet you!

hcg 5000 iu 2ml water

Hope that helps! Hi Scott! Hi, I need some help — and I feel really foolish because numbers make my head swim. I seemed to remember taking more when I had the IU bottle, and experienced great results. At the moment, I am not seeing any results at all. Thank you! Please help me. I then drew 0. The lady that I bought the product from said I need to have 20 syringes in total and the only way I could get all the mixture into the 20 syringes was to draw as explained.

Now how will I know if I am taking the correct dosage?

hcg 5000 iu 2ml water

I also need to ask how many times a week do I inject? Thank you for your reply. So even though I mixed 1ml sodium chloride and 4mls bac water it still works out to ratio? Hi I messed up and mixed 10 bad water with a 2, iu hcg bottle. So basically twice as much as they specified 5ML. They specified 5ML abc water. What is my dosage?

Hi Catherine, With how you mixed, each 1ml syringe contains iu.

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And most people I see are taking that I already have some bac water. I was thinking of mixing 10ml's of bac water.

HCG solution

Then use an insulin syringe to inject. An when mixing iu's of HCG with bac water, every 10 on a insulin syringe is iu's right? So when mixing 10,iu's of HCG with bac water every 10 on a insulin syringe is iu's right? Just want to know if Iam mixing the HCG right an reading. Read more or register here to join the discussion below Please complete this form and click the button below to gain instant access.

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Help Members Login. Remember Me? Register Gallery Today's Posts Search. Welcome to the EliteFitness. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Just want to know if Iam mixing the HCG right an reading the dosage right.

Thanks GUYS. Quote posted by bigswole My question is how much water should I mix with this HCG. Step 1, determine concentration: Regardless of how much HCG is in your vial take that number and divid it by the amount of BAW you add and thats how many IU per ml you have. If you want to take IU then thats the 25 mark on your slin pin. Before asking me why a post was moved or deleted please read the Elite Fitness TOS And while your at it make sure to read the sticky about the rules at the top of the forum.

If I gave you an infraction for inappropriate language keep in mind breaking the forum rules by talking about Labs in any fashion IS inappropriate language.

I had iu hcg. I added 9ml of bac. I intended to add 10ml of bac. I used 25 tics on a tic slin pin, thinking it was iu by accident as if I had added 10ml. How do I correct the mixture by adding more bac to make the mix correct I would not worry about and just use the way you were planning to. The largest bodybuilding archive in the world!

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